If you are taking the training because you are in need of a crib, and have not been directed here by a Cribs for Kids Partner, please visit our Find A Crib page to find a Partner organization near you that can assist you with a crib. Taking the Safe Sleep Ambassador Training does NOT automatically enroll you to receive a crib.
If you are a service provider who needs to retake the training for your annual licensure/professional development, please contact Shayla Grady before attempting to retake your training at [email protected]. Shayla will need manually reset your training progress and certificate.


One of the primary goals of Cribs for Kids® is to emphasize the importance of Safe Sleep Education and to disseminate it effectively throughout communities. To help us achieve this goal, we developed the Safe Sleep Ambassador – Educational Outreach Program.

Any organization or individual can be a Safe Sleep Ambassador. All we ask is that Safe Sleep Ambassadors commit to sharing the Safe Sleep Message with at least three (3) other people in their day-to-day life to promote the health, safety, and well-being of infants.

To begin, click on the teal "REGISTER NOW" button below.